These Foo Fighters fans put something together to get Dave Grohl’s attention – and it’s going viral. When Fabio Zaffagnini tried to come up with an idea for how to get the Foo Fighters to play in his region of Italy, called Cesena, he came up with the brilliant idea to get 1,000 people to play one of their songs together.

Hoping to make a viral video that would capture their attention, they did just that.  The last time the group played in that region of Italy was in 1997. A group of 1,000 people gathered together to play one of the band’s greatest hits, “Learn to Fly”. The results were amazing – and so far they got recognition from the Foo Fighters on Twitter:

Considering the fact that Dave Grohl is notoriously known as the coolest guy in rock, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the band traveled to Cesena for a show.