This little girl had overcome more than most people ever do in their life.

Yahoo – A 4-year-old girl showed up to school last week dressed as herself for ‘Superhero Day,’ as she continues to fight her two-year battle with cancer.

“In my eyes she’s been so brave through everything and for her to feel like that shes’s going to make it through, that means the world to me,” mom Alyssa Butler of Kelso, Missouri told ABC News. “When I explained to her that she was my hero, she was so happy and excited.”

Butler said her daughter Josie was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia on June 6, 2013.

Last month, Butler said she found out that Josie’s preschool, Kelso C-7 in New Hamburg, Missouri were hosting a superhero day to promote awareness against bullying.

“We went in her closet and we didn’t really have anything that had a superhero on it,” she said. “I said, ‘Josie, I have an idea. You’re mommy’s superhero, so do you just want to go as yourself?’ She lit up with a big smile and from there she just ran with it.'”


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