These facts are going to tick off a lot of the supposed ‘animal lovers’.

Brad Linzy, HuffPo – Anyone who truly loves wildlife should be for legal, controlled, big game hunting. As unpalatable as it may be to some people – largely a growing population of “city folk” who have never been hunting nor slaughtered their own farm animals for food – legal big game hunting is the best device for real conservation. It’s a more effective tool in the conservationist’s arsenal than all the feel-good, black tie silent auction wine tasting galas, adopt-an-animal schemes, and stuffed toy purchases at the zoo gift shop.

The reality is big game hunting provides the largely poor and often politically unstable nations with the largest big game populations a clear economic incentive to conserve their wildlife resource, and most importantly, to set aside the large swaths of land and dedicate the manpower necessary to protect them. Hunting, and the big money it brings, ensures that the land is worth more as a preserve than as farmland.

Legalized hunting provides governments with the incentive to budget for conservation.

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