If you’ve ever seen the show Bar Rescue, you’ve probably seen the bars that still fail after their rescue. Some people are just not meant to run businesses. Bro Bible did an interview with Jon Taffer to see why some of these bars have an inevitable end.

Bro Bible – A few years ago we had the opportunity to interview Taffer about what goes on behind the scene at the show. With Bar Rescue’s cycle of new episodes ending this Sunday, I asked him about why some bars still fail after being rescued. Here is our conversation:

I want to start with some of the Bar Rescue failures that have been in the press lately. What happens in these situations? 

You know what’s amazing? I have an app on my phone because of all the cash registers I put in these bars all report back to us. I know everybody’s sale every day right on my app. What’s remarkable to me is LA Brew Co… I put in $125,000 draft beer system in that bar, as you may recall. It was the most expensive remodel I’ve ever done because the place was so large. The night their show aired, they did over $10,000 in sales which is a record for them.

You know what really gets me? They never used that draft beer system once. They never even turned it on.

You also put in a brewing system as well…

I gave them all the tools and they never turned on the brewing system. I turned on the brewing system, I gave them five different brands, we created the labels, the recipes. It’s computerized, all they had to do was pour the damn hops into the pan, add the flavor, push a button, and five days later they would have had beer! But they never did it. It’s remarkable! It’s like buying a car, putting the best sound system in it, and never turning it on.

After you did the rescue, everyone seemed pretty excited about it. Did you think that was the way it was gonna pan out? Did you think they were generally invested in the business and bettering themselves?

I don’t want to be insulting because I understand that everybody has their shortcomings in life, we all do. But the fact of the matter is I gave these guys every button, all they had to do was push ‘em. And the beer system was idiot proof, the draft beer system — Smart Brew, it’s called. It’s idiot-proof. You push a button and it does it. You have to not be an idiot to want to use it. Ya hear what I’m saying?

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