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Mother nature is way more brutal than any hunter could ever be.

Daily Mail – A two day old hippo calf has been mauled to death after its mother introduced it to the pod and the other hippos turned upon the infant.

The baby was being introduced to the rest of the pod when it was suddenly set upon and torn to pieces in the water in the Hwange National Park, situated in Zimbabwe.

The remains of the calf were later seized upon by an opportunist crocodile, who quickly ate the animal’s tattered corpse following the devastating water attack.

The graphic photographs of the brutal scene were captioned by James Wilson, who spotted the attack in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe, where Cecil the Lion was controversially killed. Wilson said the attack was so shocking, ‘even the most seasoned guides felt a little traumatised by the sight.’

It is believed that hippos sometimes commit infanticide when they are overpopulated or struggling with a form of sickness.

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