Ladies, according to this chick, you should stay away from the tattoos to avoid looking trashy.

Fox News – It’s summer, and with the advent of sleeveless dress and spaghetti strap season, I am reminded why I find tattoos on women so offensive: they are simply unsightly to look at.

I’m a fairly open minded person, but I must draw the line here, and be frank.  I find tattoos a desecration of the beauty of the female form.

They don’t look cool. They look cheap. And the kinds of men who find tattoos alluring are probably out on parole.

Remember that scene in “Steel Magnolias” when Dolly Parton is describing her ruffian son’s new squeeze?

“The only nice thing I can say about her, “she says, “is that all her tattoos are spelled correctly.”

Maybe on Angelina Jolie, tattoos are “art.” On everyone else they are just  bad graffiti.

There’s nothing more unsettling than seeing an otherwise elegant woman in a classic sheath at an outdoor reception, and then on closer inspection noticing her hideous stamps on her upper arms, or an insipid butterfly “design” encircling her ankle.

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