This lesbian couldn’t handle her lover showing up to their date wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt. She is now sentenced to 45 years in prison.

Daily Mail – A former Virginia Tech student has been sentenced to 45 years in prison for the 2014 murder of another female student, who she brutally strangled after the victim wrote their lesbian fling off as an ‘experiment.’

Jessica Michelle Ewing, 24, gave detailed testimony at her sentencing hearing Monday of the evening leading up to the murder of 21-year-old biology student Samantha Shrestha.

Ewing started the night with high hopes–wearing a dress and bringing along wine and whipped cream–while Shrestha wore sweats and a t-shirt.

She told the court she was disappointed but that eventually Shrestha put on a dress of her own and the two downed a bottle of wine after having a ‘whipped cream fight’ and building a fort out of blankets, reports the Roanoke Times.

But the mood soon soured again after Ewing called Shrestha a ‘spoiled bitch,’ at which point Shrestha shot back that they were just ‘experimenting’ and that she was ‘toying’ with Ewing.

And so Ewing hit back. Her cause of death would later be deemed as strangulation, though blunt force injuries would also be discovered on her head and body.

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