This chick is demonic. After luring in a 7 month pregnant woman, (note that a baby can survive outside the womb at that point) she cut the baby out of her womb and almost killed the mother. Now she faces trial. Let’s hope that justice is served. 

The attacker who brutally assaulted 7-month-pregnant Michelle Wilkins and cut her unborn baby girl from her womb will stand trial over charges associated with the assault and attempted murder on Wilkins but will not face any charges for killing her baby.

The news comes one day after Democrats in the Colorado legislature killed an unborn victims bill to hold criminals accountable when they kill or injure unborn children in violent crimes against them and their mothers. The bill would allow charges to be brought when criminals kill or injure unborn babies like Aurora.

Dynel Lane (pictured above) attacked Wilkins and talked with Wilkins for an hour before luring Wilkins to her basement in a ruse to sell her baby clothing. In the brief filed by the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office, Dynel Lane, allegedly attacked Wilkins with her hands on March 18 before she broke a lava lamp over Wilkins’ head, according to documents filed with the court.

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