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These students noticed their pictures being used to praise good qualities about them on Instagram – they were shocked to know who was actually behind it. 

Daily Mail – A Valedictorian has unveiled himself as the person behind an Instagram account posting daily compliments about his fellow students.

For 43 weeks, Konner Suave, 18, has anonymously been updating @TheBenevolentOne3 with year book photos of almost every student in the classes of 2014-2017 at East Valley High School in Washington.

It became a source of fascination and excitement at the school for almost a year, as the number of posts reached around 650.

But finally, at the end of his graduation speech on June 6, Suave admitted to his classmates that it was him.

‘I was nervous,’ Suave told ABC News. ‘It got really loud, but they were happy. Some of my close friends were like “why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

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Here are the pictures…

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