Well, that’s one way to get fired. This cop didn’t just make out with a hoochie, he let her drive his patrol car to Hooters.

Daily Mail – A Florida cop who was caught on camera kissing a scantily-clad girl while on duty is facing yet more heat after a woman drove his patrol car to Hooters, a report claims.

Irving Diaz, who was pictured in June with his hands around the waist of a female companion, has received another complaint after a his girlfriend was seen behind the wheel of his authorized vehicle while wearing ‘short shorts’.

According to an internal document he was spotted in the passenger seat, without wearing uniform, while Rebecca Guzman-Phillips, 24, was driving to the Jacksonville chain of the bar on October 6.

It is not clear whether it is the same woman involved in each incident.

Guzman-Phillips was described as being ‘scantily-clad’ and wearing short shorts at the time, the Florida Times Union reported.

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