This first year teacher obviously didn’t know how to balance her illegal relationship with her student. 

News Times – Months before a high school science teacher was charged with the sexual assault of a 17-year-old male student in her class, rumors about an inappropriate relationship had become so persistent they disrupted her daily physics lessons, according to a police report.

The rumors prompted first-year teacher Kayla Mooney to twice complain to high school administrators — first to say the student himself was spreading the rumors, and next to report she was being harassed by the student’s ex-girlfriend.

In statements to police the youth said his relationship with Mooney began as a typical one.

“We joked and laughed with each other on different occasions,” the youth told police in a sworn statement on Feb. 12, two days after Mooney was placed on leave and the criminal investigation began. “And basically we were a normal teacher-student relationship.”

Everything changed when he put a note on her desk inviting her to a Kid Ink concert on Halloween night at a downtown club called Tuxedo Junction.

“We drove to Cedar Road and sat and talked for a couple of hours. Then we kissed and I moved my seat back…” the youth told police. “Then I took off her shirt and we had sex.”

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