She’s from…you guessed it: Florida. Just another normal day.

Daily Mail – A Florida teacher has been suspended after she allegedly asked students about their sexuality, used homophobic insults, told one teen’s father she was gay and called another one a ‘dumb a**’.

Kelly Hendrix was suspended without pay from Southside Middle School in Duval County after an investigation found that there was substantial evidence to support her students’ allegations.

The report, which involved two girls and one boy in the seventh grade, said students confided in a teacher that Hendrix had made inappropriate comments about their sexuality and had called students ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’ as well as racially insensitive terms.

In one written statement given to the Office of Equity and Inclusion, a student claims Hendrix ‘crossed the line’ with a student, calling him names like ‘dumb ass’, ‘gay’ and ‘retarded’ and telling him to get a life’.

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