A bakery in Northern Ireland is being ordered to pay for “injury to feelings: to a gay activist who was suing the company. 

The Blaze – A bakery in Northern Ireland at the center of a legal battle that has attracted international attention plans to appeal a discrimination conviction that its Christian owners received earlier this month after refusing to make a cake with a message supporting gay marriage.

Ashers Baking Company, which is being supported by the Christian Institute, a U.K. legal group, announced that its owners will appeal a ruling from Judge Isobel Brownlie that demanded that the company pay $765 in damages for “injury to feelings” to a gay activist.

Brownlie ruled that Ashers Baking Company had discriminated based on sexual orientation and political beliefs after a man named Gareth Lee asked for a cake that included the line “Support Gay Marriage” and the bakery, owned by Colin and Karen McArthur, declined.

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