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If you want to know how to stay out of debt, do exactly the opposite of what these people did.

Daily Mail – They are Americans from all walks of life and every corner of the country – but are united in debt.

The people pictured in the portraits below have all laid bare their personal finances – revealing the sometimes-crippling amounts of money they owe.

One business owner borrowed $250,000 to fund a laundromat, and is now struggling to shift it – while others have been struck by illness, fraud and what they admit is ‘frivolous spending’.

Others owe more modest amounts – often from college fees and credit cards – but have varying levels of optimism about how they will ever pay it back. 

All are featured in The Debt Project, a series of photographs by artist Brittany Powell, aiming to investigate how people come to borrow and owe such life-changing amounts of money. Each is accompanied by a hand-written note. (Daily Mail)

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