The Bieb’s got seriously roasted by multiple comedians. 

MTV – One of the first things out of Kevin Hart’s mouth was, “This is possibly the beginning and the end for Justin Bieber.”

And thus the Bieb’s Comedy Central Roast got underway!

The nearly four-hour affair taped Saturday night (March 14) at Sony Studios in Los Angeles, and featured skewering at the hands of merciless roasters who dubbed Justin “the King Joffrey of pop” and “the b-tch of the hour.”

Almost nothing was off limits as the firing squad took turns taking shots at Bieber’s brusheswith the law, neighborhood egging, monkey-sitting adventures, and underwear modeling. They also tackled his Canadian roots (Hart: “The man proves we’re protecting the wrong border”), controversial Anne Frank comments (Ross: “If she heard your music she would’ve Uber’d to Auschwitz”), and ex Selena Gomez (Ross: “Selena wanted to be here but she’s dating men now”).

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