Selfies seem to be getting more dangerous these days. Don’t mix them with Bisons.

Outdoor Hub – Yesterday, Yellowstone National Park officials confirmed reports that a bison-related injury had occurred after a Mississippi woman was attacked by one of the animals while trying to take a photo of it near Old Faithful on Tuesday.

The incident is the fifth of its kind at the park so far this season. Earlier this year a 16-year-old exchange student and a62-year-old man were attacked while trying to photograph the animals, despite numerous signs warning them to stay at least 25 yards away. Once again, park staff had warned visitors to keep their distance and to avoid turning their backs on bison, especially while trying to take a “selfie.”

According to park officials, the 43-year-old woman was visiting with her family when she stopped near the Fairy Falls trailhead to observe the bison. Taking her daughter along with her, the woman was appoximately six yards away from the animals when she turned her back and began to take the picture. At this point another observer warned them that they were too close.

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