OJ Simpson says he might have to leave jail in a wheelchair because of his knee. Jail was the punishment of the justice system, could this be God’s punishment?

Daily Mail – OJ Simpson, who is currently incarcerated in the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada, cannot walk without a cane and fears he will be in a wheelchair when he finally leaves prison, the Daily Mail Online has learned exclusively.

He is furious with prison officials because he says they refuse to allow him to leave the prison to get the surgery he can only get on the outside.

And now, OJ fears he will soon be in a wheelchair and may never walk again.

OJ, 67, was recently seen struggling to walk around the prison with a cane and telling fellow inmates he was angry because he is not getting the specialized medical care he needs.

OJ was found guilty in 2008 of criminal conspiracy, kidnapping, assault, robbery and using a deadly weapon and was sentenced to thirty-three years in prison with the possibility of parole after nine years, in 2017.

‘I can only get mediocre health care in here,’ OJ told a fellow inmate, ‘and it really pisses me off because I have the money to go to any specialist in the world to get knee surgery but they won’t let me leave to get help.

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