Do you think this piece of crap kid got what he deserved? I think so.

DEFUNIAK SPRINGS, FL (WALA) – A DeFuniak Springs man was arrested nearly two weeks after he brutally attacked a 74-year-old man who called him “grandson.”

Authorities say Justin Paul Carter walked into the home of Michael and Margaret Frey on McFarland Road and asked to speak with Margaret alone. When Michael told Carter that he could not speak to his wife without him present, Carter allegedly became increasingly angry. Frey told Walton County Sheriff’s investigators that he repeatedly asked Carter to leave the residence and could tell the man was under the influence of drugs.

When Margaret Frey went outside the home to call 911, her husband stated that Carter attacked him. Frey told investigators Carter struck him in the face several times and pounded his head into a cabinet inside the home.

Believing that his life was in danger Frey pulled a .38 caliber pistol from his pocket and shot Carter in the mouth. Carter then ran from the home and shattered a front window of the residence. Frey sustained a fractured orbital socket of the right eye and a broken nose as well as a severe hematoma on the head.

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