A whole new era for Spider Man. 

Comic Book – With this week’s announcement that Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios would be working together on the future of the Spider-Man movie franchise, the whole world changed for Sony Pictures. The studio that appeared in disarray last week suddenly looks a lot more on top of it this week.

While the Spider-Man deal benefits both Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios, it’s probably the best thing ever that could have happened to Sony at this point. Regardless of if Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios made a deal, it was looking like Andrew Garfield was probably already on his way out as Spider-Man. Sony Pictures was in the unenviable position of likely having to reboot the Spider-Man franchise yet again, which would have created a huge fan uproar.

With the Marvel deal, Sony Pictures actually now gets to reboot the Spider-Man franchise with fans actually being excited about it. What would have been another huge negative for Sony Pictures, now becomes a huge positive. The reality is that Marvel Studios version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become the defining Marvel movie universe.

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