Here’s the legacy that Obama is leaving behind when he’s out of the White House.

ABW – Remember the good ol’ days when the U.S. government was seen as a wise authority? A protector of our freedoms? Nah, me either. I was too young to remember those days, and apparently so too is a huge majority of the U.S. population.

The figures revealed in this chart released today by Statista are simply astonishing.

Just 12 months before our next presidential election, Pew Research shows public trust in the U.S. government has plummeted to historic lows. In 1958 (the year I was born, as it happens), when Eisenhower was president, 73 percent of the public trusted the government most or all of the time. But look what’s happened since. Trust levels have completely nosedived. Now, under Obama, just 19 percent of Americans trust the government always/most of the time.”


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