Have fun in hell.

Daily Mail – Dramatic footage shows the moment the Parisian mastermind’s cousin was killed by a suicide bomber as she cried out for help – as it is revealed she once tried to join the French police force.

Hasna Ait Boulahcen, 26, applied to join the Gendarmerie military police four years ago but failed the entrance exams.

Yousef Abou, 35, who lives in the same apartment block as her father, said: ‘It was about four years ago. She was working in call centres and that sort of thing in Paris.

‘She wanted to join the Gendarmerie for the opportunity to work, to have a well paid job. She wanted, after her difficult upbringing, a new life for herself.’

‘She took the test but she didn’t pass. It wasn’t the physical side but the aptitude test, the written part.

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