While feminists in America are busy arguing about which female actress makes more millions of dollars, this is happening halfway across the world.

Daily Mail – Breast ironing – the brutal flattening of a young girl’s developing chest to ‘protect her from rape and sexual harassment’ – now affects 3.8 million women around the world, according to a UN report.

The process uses large stones, a hammer or a spatula that has been heated over hot coals to compress or mutilate the breast tissue and make the adolescent look less ‘womanly’.

It is a widespread practice in Cameroon, Nigeria and South Africa with the girl’s mother being the abuser in 58 per cent of cases, according to the Department of Public Health Services.

The rationale is to prevent girls from developing breasts between 11 and 15 years old in the belief that a flat childlike appearance will discourage unwanted male attention and premarital pregnancy.

The mother often warrants the ritual, removing signs of puberty, so her daughter can pursue education for longer rather than being seen as ‘ready for marriage’.

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