This snake is the ultimate catfish hunter. Check out the death grip on this catfish who is clearly having a bad day. See the full picture below. 

Via Iowa Department of Natural Resources Facebook Page – This northern water snake may have had eyes bigger than its stomach when it found this bullhead for a snack!

Colin Wehrle sent us this photo that he took on a private pond in southeast Iowa. Northern water snakes are NOT venomous and are found throughout Iowa. Colin estimated the snake at about 3 feet long. They primarily eat fish, and while this fish is large, the snake may be able to swallow it head-first.

This is NOT a venomous cottonmouth (also called a water moccasin), which is NOT found in Iowa. You can tell the two snakes apart by their patterns and by their eyes – northern water snakes have round pupils, while cottonmouths have a vertical slit pupil.

While the DNR did not take this photo, northern water snakes are common throughout Iowa and are capable of eating fish like this one, making the situation in the photo plausible.