Would you be ticked if your kid went here and your money was going towards this?

Breitbart – A Michigan Catholic high school run by the Christian Brothers of Ireland is under fire for the creation of a “sacred space” for its Muslim students to worship during school hours.

“We don’t discriminate based on race, creed, color,” said school principal John Birney in defense of his decision to maintain the non-Christian prayer space despite the school’s official Catholic status.

Although the majority of the student body is Catholic, the all-boy Bloomfield Hills school accepts students of other faiths and currently some 12 Muslim boys study there.

Parents of several of the school’s students have protested the measure, with one mother claiming it was “unconscionable” and would undermine her son’s Christian education. Parents pay the school $11,750 in yearly tuition for their children to study in a Catholic environment.

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