When Brantley Gilbert donated his time for some wounded warriors, this was probably the last thing he was expecting to receive. Get the tissues, you’re gonna need them for this.

Bro Bible – Justin Patterson was a sniper for the U.S. Army that bravely went on five grueling tours in Iraq and spent two years in Afghanistan. In 2008, he was in a vehicle that was blown up by a bomb planted in a road. Paterson suffered a traumatic brain injury from the explosion and was sent home.

During Memorial Day weekend, Gilbert donated his time to go on a Wounded Warrior-sponsored motorcycle ride through Southeast Texas and Louisiana. Patterson had never heard of Gilbert, but was instantly taken aback from his generosity.

Justin was nervous and emotional as he expressed his true feelings and utmost appreciation for Brantley’s benevolence:

“I can’t give you a Grammy, I can’t give you a Country Music Award. I could thank you a million times, but I have a gift for you. My blood, sweat and tears are on this and that’s how I earned it. What you’re doing to raise awareness and taking the time with us broken-ass soldiers means the world to me. I’d like to give you my first Purple Heart.”

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