I know flights can get boring, but do you really have to down 14 shots of whiskey and masturbate with your friend next to you? 

On Wednesday, Judge Timothy Gabriel found Alicia Elizabeth Lander guilty for her crazy actions on Air Canada Flight 610 from Toronto to Halifax on January 24, 2014. Lander went with the “I Was Too Fucking Blitzed On Alcohol Defense.” Which made perfect sense seeing that she gulped down 14 shots of Crown Royal Whiskey at a lounge in the Toronto Pearson International Airport. The 26-year-old woman testified that she had blacked out and was unaware of any of her naughty activities. She contends that she forgot that she pulled her panties down on the airplane or that she requested to change seats so that she could sit next to her new friend who bought her the shots in the lounge. Blackout City – Population: Alicia Elizabeth Lander.

John Dunn, who was service director for eventful flight, said that an hour into the flight a passenger told him the people sitting in seats 14A and 14B were about to join the “Mile High Club.” That’s where he found Lander and Jason George Chase engaging in what he described as “mutual masturbation.” Looks like nuts were served on this flight. They had a small jacket over their laps, but Dunn could tell what they were doing. Dunn said that Lander’s underwear were down around her ankles and he asked her to get dressed.

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