Is anyone keep track of Rachel Dolezal’s demographic checklist? It keeps mounting by the day. 

Rachel Dolezal wept as she described how reading Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair article made her cry because the reality star’s story of isolation ‘resonated’ with her.

The civil rights activist, who was outed as a white woman by her parents last week, also revealed that she was bisexual in a new interview that aired on NBC News’ TODAY show on Wednesday.

After her deception emerged last week, comparisons were made between Dolezal and Jenner, who detailed her struggle as a transgender woman in a Vanity Fair cover story earlier this month.

‘Just yesterday I finally had a chance to read Caitlyn Jenner’s piece in the magazine and I cried,’ Dolezal told Savannah Guthrie. ‘I resonated with some of the themes of isolation, of being misunderstood.’

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