This chick just can’t accept the fact that you have be born a certain way to be a model. 

A wannabe supermodel who was told she was too short to strut her stuff on the catwalk has spent thousands of pounds on surgery to make her legs longer.

Pretty Alexandra Tanser, from Volgograd, Russia, dreamed of being a supermodel, like Naomi Campbell or Kate Moss, from the age of 14.

But being just 5ft 4ins she was nowhere near the 6ft needed.

Undeterred, the stunning young woman decided to work hard and save up the money needed to have an operation to make her legs longer.

She said: “I had tried to get into modelling school when I was 17 but was told by the director that because I had stopped growing the only way I would ever be the right height was if I grew leg extensions.

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