This might be the worst thing a parent of a newborn could go through considering the circumstance.

Yahoo – A week after taking their newborn Eloise home, her mother noticed feeding problems and reported them to a visiting midwife.

But it was a virus that was transmitted by a kiss that saw the baby’s health deteriorate rapidly. Baby Eloise’s mother Sarah Pugh has spoken of her anguish to 7News.

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“And she said that’s far too much [weight] loss for a newborn so she said we had to go straight to hospital,” she said. Tests showed Eloise had been unknowingly infected with the herpes simplex virus in the days after her birth.

Doctors told her parents, she may not make it. Eloise was airlifted to Brisbane, where she was put on a machine to help her heart and lungs.

Complications arose, and Eloise contracted a staph infection. At just 24 days old the infant died in her mother’s arms.

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