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What kind of father would do such a thing to their own son?

Daily Mail – A little boy whose hand was hacked off by his own father in his native Tanzania is going to school for the first time – thanks to American and Canadian charities.

Baraka Cosmas Rusambo, six, was part of a group of five Tanzanians brought to the US for treatment at the start of June and will continue being cared for in New York until October.

Now his guardian, Ester Mulungi, has told that not only is the little boy happier than ever, he is so enthused by his school work that he plans to one day study to become a doctor.

Baraka is one of the hundreds of Tanzanians born each year with albinism, a condition where little or no melanin pigment is present in the body, and has two sisters with the same condition.

But those born in the African country live in constant fear of attack, with body parts taken from albino people commanding high prices as quack ‘cures’ for a range of ailments.

As a result, scores are murdered each year, while others are mutilated in horrific attacks that usually leave them without hands or arms.

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