The road to fame is paved with sex tapes and scandals. Just look at Kim Kardashian. Check this out by by Milo Yiannopoulos…

Breitbart – A friend of mine recently had a visit from the police after professional blackmailers got their hands on a video of him pleasuring himself during a Skype chat. They were threatening to send the video to all his Facebook contacts if he didn’t cough up some money.

What a lucky bastard. For years, I’ve been hoping that one of the many racy pictures and videos of me floating around the internet would show up. You see, I’m at that stage in my career when a sex tape would really boost my profile. It worked for my celebrity idols Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, so why not me?

What’s a guy to do? It’s not like I haven’t been trying: whenever a sexual partner whips out a GoPro I can’t say yes fast enough.

You see, women always benefit from leaked sexual footage. Just look at the outpouring of sympathy for Jennifer Lawrence. Sex tape scandals are always presented as though an innocent ingénue has been violated by a rapey male pornographer. As if these canny bitches on the make didn’t know there was a camera in the room!

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