The douche bags are in abundance in Los Angeles. This BMW driver couldn’t handle being told he was wrong for texting and driving.

Daily Mail – This is the horrific moment a BMW driver crashes into a motorcyclist leaving him with a concussion, just seconds after he’d yelled at him to stop using his mobile phone while driving.

Samuel David Ayres captured the entire event on camera as he was turning South onto La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles, California and spotted the mobile-using offender.

He warned the driver of the black convertible BMW to stop texting while driving shouting: ‘Put down your fu****g phone you’re in your car.’

But he said that the motorist became offended and can be heard on video honking his horn at him.

Seconds later as the light turns green and the pair drive off, Ayres GoPro camera captures the horrific moment that the BMW driver slams into him.

Ayres can be heard breathing sharply while his bike skids into the middle of the road. The camera briefly pans past a driver parked up and sitting at the wheel of his silver BMW looking on.

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