Too funny.

Daily Mail – It’s an all too familiar story for seasoned holidaymakers the world over.

The glossy brochure was packed with enticing pictures of pristine beaches and luxurious hotel rooms, but you arrive at the resort to find the reality is rather different from what you had been led to believe.

Now in a bid to stop dream holidays turning into nightmares, one online hotel guide has begun publishing its own pictures of some of the world’s most popular resorts to expose what they have dubbed the holiday ‘photo fakeouts’.



Spot the difference: The photograph featured on the website of the Gran Bahia Principe Punta Cana resort in the Dominican Republic, top, and the shot of the same stretch of beach featured on



Oyster shows how some hotels such as Riu Negril Club in Jamaica, use what it terms the ‘sexy lady phenomenon’ to help present its facilities in a more positive light. However the reality at the Jamaican hotel is very different from the serene pool the ‘sexy lady’ looks out over in the brochure.



Brochure vs reality: The Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino boasts an artificial beach made with 2,700 tons of real sand. But in reality, the manmade beach is so popular, it often becomes crowded with fellow Las Vegas holidaymakers during the day.

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