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If you’re having a bad day, don’t read this. It will make your blood boil. Some people really don’t deserve to be mothers.

Daily Mail – A mother from St. Louis is accused of leaving her four children, ages one through 14, to starve in a dirty motel while she drank and did drugs last week.

Crethia Southworth, 33, faces five counts of child endangerment for allegedly abandoning her children in the Motel 6  for over three days.

Southworth’s 17-year-old boyfriend was meant to periodically check on the children but he supposedly ran out of money to buy them food, police said.

‘An anonymous caller was worried about four children, and said the children were eating out of the trash and drinking water out of the faucet,’ said Caseyville (Ill.) Police Sgt Gerard Spratt to KHOU.

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