Who will win the battle for weed? Republicans will lose potential millennial voters over pot, numbers show.

There is a deep schism ready to ready to break apart the Republican Party from within when it comes to the legalization of marijuana. In a new Pew Research Center survey, only 17% of Republicans from the ‘Silent Generation’ are in favor of legalizing marijuana, 38% of the Baby Boomers are in favor, and a 63% majority of young Republican Millennial voters are in favor of legalizing marijuana.

That’s an astounding 46% divide within the Republican Party on what is the hottest topic in the news right now: the legalization of marijuana. The evidence is clear as day, Millennials want weed to be legalized. Unfortunately, as of the 2014 elections only 21.3% of Millennial voters even showed up to the polls.

How do Democrats and Republicans match up when it comes to the legalization of marijuana? Across the board Dems are more in favor of legalization, though the divide between the two parties is significantly less in Gen X and Millennials.

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