What a way to die and be remembered. He beat the world record but he wasn’t alive long after that.

Inquisitr – A man did 56 shots of alcohol, and ended up dying after quite the binge. According toNewsOXY, a 57-year-old man named Renaud consumed the shots at Le Starter, a bar in France. Evidently the man was trying to beat a previous record set by another bar-goer, but despite the dangers of drinking excessive alcohol, Renaud was reportedly “encouraged” to drink as much as he could.

“He set a new record at the bar. The previous record was 55 shots and he was encouraged to drink alcohol as much as possible.”

The man’s 56 shots of alcohol didn’t only earn him the title of “most shots,” but it cost him his life. According to NewsMax, the owner of the bar is now facing charges of manslaughter. After doing 30 shots in under one minute, the bar owner was allegedly heard telling the man that he had just a few more to go to break the record.

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