Only in America can you do what this guy did and make thousands of dollars in only one month. At 24 years old, Craig came up with the idea to sell personalized potatoes. After his girlfriend told him it would be the dumbest idea ever, he raked in $2,000 after first posting it on Reddit and is now clearing $10,000 of profit since May.

WFAA – It’s a simple idea. Users go online and order a potato, ranging from $8 to $10, add a custom message, and send it anonymously.

“This one says, ‘Congrats on Stanford, hope the surgery helps your golf game,’” Craig said, reading a message on a recent order.

It’s also an idea that’s making money. Craig says he’s sold over 2,000 potatoes, and he’s clearing $10,000 a month in profit since he launched the site in May.

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