It looks like today’s marijuana is bringing a whole new definition to the term ‘pot head’.

Bro Bible – A new study testing the THC content of legalized marijuana in Colorado has yielded some surprising results, mainly that today’s strains of weed can carry a potency of 30% THC content or more, whereas the strains of yesteryear were typically well below 10% THC content (meaning the THC would make up less than 10% of the bud).

So does that mean that today’s weed is three times as strong as the marijuana from the 80’s? Well, yes and no.

Results from the exhaustive testing showed that over time THC levels in marijuana have risen drastically, while the CBD (Cannabidiol) levels have typically plummeted.

According to NBC News, CBD is the compound that makes marijuana ‘medical’, more on CBD can be read here, but a very broad explanation of CBD would be to say that it is the compound within marijuana most closely associated with treating psychological and physiological symptoms from depression to pain.

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