What did they think was going to happen? She was laying in an ultra-violet coffin, cooking her flesh for hours on end. SMH.

The family of a Massachusetts woman who died from melanoma likely caused by her love of tanning are campaigning for a change to laws governing sunbeds.

Glenna Kohl of Barnstable spent years in the sun as a Cape Cod lifeguard and countless hours laying in indoor tanning beds while at college. She was diagnosed with melanoma just after graduating from a Rhode Island college in 2005.

Three years later, at just 26 years old, Glenna would be dead after a painful cancer battle. Now, her parents want the world to know the very real dangers posed by tanning even to the very young.

‘No one in our family knew what melanoma was,’ Glenna’s mother, Colleen Kohl, recalled to Cosmopolitan (via ELLE) ‘We did a lot of crying.’

The dreaded diagnosis came after Glenna, at just 22, discovered a golf ball-sized lump in her groin while working out at the gym one day.

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