Eddie Murphy’s reasoning: he didn’t want to ‘kick a man when he’s down’. 

Eddie Murphy turned down a sketch lampooning Bill Cosby in Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary special, because he “will not kick a man when he is down”.

The revelation came from Norm Macdonald, an SNL regular in the 1990s who was helping to coordinate the all-star show which featured Murphy alongside Tom Hanks, Paul McCartney and Miley Cyrus among many others. He wrote a series of tweets outlining the creation of the sketch, and the subsequent overtures to Murphy.

The sketch centred around Murphy, dressed in one of Cosby’s signature multicoloured sweaters, mixing a drink. Cosby, once a beloved figure in US comedy and one of the first truly mainstream black TV stars, stands accused of drugging a series of women with spiked drinks, before sexually assaulting them.

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