This girl thought she would get away with it – until Facebook justice kicked in. Maybe recording a fight isn’t so bad after all, as long as there are people who will actually help.

BuzzFeed – Police have charged a 15-year-old girl in connection with a violent assault which was recorded, uploaded to Facebook, and viewed more than 6 million times.

In a four-minute video uploaded to Facebook on Monday night – which has now been taken down – a girl can be seen holding another by the hair and subjecting her to prolonged humiliation and violence.

While gripping her by the hair, the attacker says her victim is “pure shaking like a leaf” before punching her in the face.

The girl, thought to be 13, is repeatedly kicked and punched in the head and called a “slut”. The attacker accuses the victim’s dad of anonymously making a complaint about her dad to the police.

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