This Dallas mega-church pastor is not backing down on his fiery sermon about Islam that has now gone viral.

The Blaze – Megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Dallas in Dallas, Texas, is doubling down and defending a controversial sermon that he delivered earlier this month that dubbed Islam a “false religion” that “is inspired by Satan himself,” calling his words “intensely biblical.”

“If you listen to what I’ve said, what I’ve said is intensely biblical,” Jeffress told KTVT-TV. “When a Muslim commits an act of violence, he’s following the tenets of Islam.”

The pastor added a number of caveats, including his belief that there are other faith systems, as well, that should be labeled “false religions.”

“Islam is not the only false religion that’s inspired by Satan,” Jeffress said. “Buddhism, Hinduism, any religious system that denies that faith in Christ is the only way to be saved is inspired by Satan, who seeks to deceive people and lead people away from God.”

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