Writing and arithmetic are so boring, and with specials like P.E. being cut, teachers need another way to let their students have an outlet. Like a fight club. 

HOUSTON – Punching, scratching, kicking, pulling hair, that’s all what a new federal lawsuit says students regularly did to each other at A.G. Hilliard Elementary School.

Worst of all, the suit alleges they were forced to do it by their teachers.

“You basically ruined my life and you ruined my child’s life because of what you did to him,” said Ms. Corbin, a former Hilliard mother who didn’t want to use her first name.

She and fellow parent Yolanda Anderson told KHOU 11 News on Thursday that their children were changed forever by what happened inside Hilliard’s walls.

“He was a good kid. It went from a good kid to an animal. I don’t know how else to describe it,” said Corbin.

In their federal lawsuit, the parents accuse teachers in the school of forcing their 6-year-old sons to beat up other students as a means of discipline throughout the 2009 school year.

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