This guy got a shocker that was bigger than that fish.

Daily Mail – This is the shocking moment a 62-year-old man was attacked by a sea lion while he was posing for a photo with a fish on a boat – and then dragged a staggering 20 feet through the water by the creature.

Daniel Carlin was smiling for a picture with the large fish he had recently caught at Mission Bay in San Diego, California, when the sea lion leaped over the side of his boat and snatched the fish in its jaws.

Unfortunately for Mr Carlin, the 300-pound mammal also grabbed his arm at the same time, before hauling him overboard and into the water, crushing the fisherman’s chest with ‘unbelievable force’.

It then dragged Mr Carlin 20 feet through the water, causing him to fear for his life. As its grip loosened, the fisherman managed to escape and swim back to the boat with several minor injuries.

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