Nothing phases Hillary. She will just move on without even wincing.

With her Benghazi testimony behind her, Hillary Clinton set the reset button on her campaign for a third time today at a Democratic Party forum for women in Washington, D.C.

Her campaign hopes it will be the start of a ‘new phase’ in the race as Clinton heads into what it sees as the ‘home stretch’ before the first nomination contest.

‘You cannot knock this woman down. She can get attacked, you can knock her around a little bit, but…you cannot knock her down,’ Clinton Communications Director Jen Palmieri said this morning.

‘It will not happen.’

Tomorrow marks 100 days until the first caucus on February 1, in Iowa.

With an eye toward winning the Hawkeye State, Clinton will hold a campaign rally there tomorrow afternoon before the state Democratic Party’s Jefferson Jackson Dinner.

She’ll be joined by husband Bill for the occasion, their first time out on the trail together since her June reboot in Brooklyn, New York, and singer Katy Perry, whose hit song Roar is a Clinton campaign favorite.

‘It’s a big moment. Historically, it’s been a big moment. It’s the signal we’re at the home stretch, we’re at the 100 days,’ Palmieri said of the dinner date.

She added, ‘We think it’s an important weekend.’

Palmieri said the campaign is ‘very grateful’ to have Perry’s support and said it’s ‘a great time for [the former] President Clinton to start to do more retail campaigning.’

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