This student was stunned to find that her doppelgänger lived just an hour away from her.

Daily Mail – A young woman has managed to find her doppelgänger after launching a campaign on Facebook as a social experiment – and their likeness is mind-blowing.

Niamh Geaney, a 26-year-old TV presenter from Dublin, teamed up with two male friends on a project they dubbed Twin Strangers to see who could find their closest lookalike within 28 days, and were soon inundated with submissions from all over the world.

Incredibly, Niamh found her match in Karen Branigan, 29, a fellow Ireland native who lives just an hour down the road, making it easy for the pair to meet in real life and take some eerily twin-like photos together.

Speaking to MailOnline about her first meeting with Karen, Niamh said: I was ridiculously nervous about how I would react to meeting someone who looks like me.

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