How about the Kardashians just accept the fact that it was Lamar’s choice to get himself into this mess?

Daily Mail – The owner of the Nevada brothel where Lamar Odom was found unconscious says the image-obsessed Kardashian family tried to silence him from speaking with the media – and he told them to ‘go to hell’.

Dennis Hof, owner of the Love Ranch brothel in Pahrump, spoke out on Wednesday after Odom was found unconscious, foaming at the mouth and bleeding from the nose.

Despite saying he didn’t believe Odom had been taking any illegal drugs and had been ‘healthy and sleeping’ aftering arriving on Saturday, Hof admitted to Nancy Grace he was up partying with two girls, who go by the names Ryder Cherry and Monica Monroe, until 6am Tuesday.

He said the girls left at that time and Odom went to sleep, and was apparently still sleeping when a staff member took in some food for him at noon.

However when the girls returned to his room at 3.15pm they found Odom frothing at the mouth.

He admitted there was a chance the 35-year-old ‘could have sneaked’ illicit substances into the ranch over the several days he was there, amid reports that doctors found ‘every drug imaginable’ in Odom’s system.

Odom arrived at the ranch on Saturday to ‘have a good time’ and ‘have some time away’, with Hof adding that he was drinking cognac and using herbal Viagra.

‘He was taking some (herbal supplements) but we don’t think he was doing any drugs,’ Hof said.

Hof also said he was asked by the Kardashian family not to speak to the press following Odom’s collapse, however he decided they could ‘go to hell’.

‘Speaking of the Kardashians, I got a call from their publicist today saying, ”Are you going to do any media?” and I said yes I’m going to go on the Nancy Grace show.

‘And she said ”please don’t do that, we’d rather have Khloe say what needs to be said”.

‘I told her to go to hell.’

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