I hope karma dishes out a serious blow to these bullies. This is horrifying.

Unilad – Two bullies picked on a disabled man, and fed him a sandwich filled with maggots and poo.

Daniel Newell is appealing for help to find the two lads that bullied his brother Matthew, 32, who has the mental age of a child as he has Williams Syndrome.

Matthew was fishing with his 11 year old cousin last Saturday at a lake in Mill Dam Park, Merseyside, when the two boys started to tease him.

They approach Matthew, taking the DVD’s that he was carrying, and forced him to eat a sandwich. He didn’t realise until he bit into it, but the sandwich had live maggots in, as well as dog shit.

“Matthew was in hysterics – traumatised. He hasn’t cried since he was six but he was shaking and crying.

He’s never had problems there before. He used to go every day, as we can see it from our house and it’s the only time he has some independence.

But now they’ve taken that away from him – he doesn’t want to go down there anymore.”

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