This one’s a tear jerker. Here’s proof that good guys really do still exist.

Daily Mail – A young special needs girl from Texas got the prom proposal of a lifetime.

Sophomore Tiffany Gay thought she was being led outside for a routine fire drill but instead she found her biggest crush, junior Luis Velasquez, holding a bouquet of flowers.

Gay’s classmates cheered as she held back tears of joy. Some of them held signs that read, ‘Will you go to prom with me?’ 

To add to the romance, Bruno Mars’ Just The Way You Are’ played in the background of the magic proposal.

‘He met Tiffany back in the seventh grade,’ Velasquez’s mom, Jessica, told ABC News.

‘Since then, Tiffany has had the biggest crush on my son. And since the beginning of this school year, Luis said he’s taking Tiffany to prom,’ she added.

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