Are these two chicks stupid for fighting for this guy’s affection by throwing themselves in a river? Short answer: yes.

Mirror – A man found himself in a sticky situation when his current girlfriend and his ex both threw themselves into a river – to see which one he loved the most.

A police spokesman said: “The girls began arguing and the man’s ex-girlfriend felt insulted by a comment made by the new girlfriend, and so she jumped into the river calling for her former lover to save her.

“The new girlfriend, fearing that he might indeed jump in to save his ex-lover, then jumped in as well and both of them began calling for him to rescue them from drowning.”

Wu settled the matter by jumping in the water to save his current girlfriend, and then taking the soaking wet and slightly injured young woman to hospital.

The police spokesman added: “He called his brother on the way home and told him to go to the river and rescue the ex-girlfriend.”

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